The World Is Yours.
End of the Semester

It’s that time of the year in every college student’s life where you reach crunch time. Its where all the exams, assignments, and studying happen all at the same time. Since college classes all end around the same week, it all just happens to build up to the point where you are under a lot of stress having to worry about all your classes instead of one at a time when it was more spread out throughout the semester. For my girlfriend, she has the added bonus of knowing that these will be her last classes as an undergrad. Overall I think she’s been handling the pressure very well. Although I haven’t been able to really help her too much… I thought I would do something to make her feel great so I wanted to compile a list for her because sometimes the most unexpected surprises are the best.

51 Things I Love about My Girlfriend

1.      Her willingness to succeed in her new major.

2.      Her ability to make me happy with something as simple as a sweet message.

3.      Her desires and long term goals to be a producer.

4.      Her honesty in everything she does.

5.      Her family values and how much she means to all of them.

6.      How great of an Aunt she is to her precious niece.

7.      How she includes or tells me about all the activities going on in her life.

8.      Her love of Disney.

9.      The little inside jokes we have with each other.

10.  How she appreciates the little things even pointing some out to me that I don’t always notice.

11.  How much of a part of her life she has made me.

12.  Her silly potty humor.

13.  Her passion for TV and movies and how knowledgeable she is about them.

14.  The way she can give a gift and make it so meaningful from its delivery to its contents itself.

15.  Her love of travel (something I share a similar passion to)

16.  How she talks in her sleep about silly nonsense =P

17.  Her coined catch phrases (OH MAN…. I MEAN…Etc.)

18.  How cute she is when she gets offended when I point something out like a pimple because she wants to look good for her boyfriend =P.

19.  How much of a scene she causes when its “bathroom time” especially when she’s nowhere near a bathroom.

20.  Her knowledge of all the best places to eat. I’ve never gone out with her and walked away from a meal unsatisfied.

21.  How she is satisfied with just a simple night in as long as it’s with me.

22.  That she always tries to make time to see me.

23.  Her fashion sense (although even when I say she looks good she’s not always satisfied with the response =P)

24.  She’s like a best friend and not just a girlfriend.

25.  She listens to my problems and always tries to give helpful advice even if she’s not too sure about the topic.

26.  Her sense of romance and how to make me feel loved.

27.  She always acts like an individual and never compromises what she believes in.

28.  Her love of celebrities (#HereslookingatyouAudreyHepburn)

29.  How mellow she gets when she’s tired.

30.  Her sick dance moves in her dance video games =P

31.  That she puts up with all my basketball talks even though she doesn’t even like basketball.

32.  Her expression when she truly is surprised/impressed by something I do to make her happy.

33.  The amount of plans we make together.

34.  The PHFT (fart noise) she’ll make when she first sees me when I visit.

35.  Her ability to restrain herself from hitting me when I call her a gold-digger ;)

36.  How silly she gets when she drinks.

37.  Her wooly legs in the winter ;)

38.  How much her family truly likes me.

39.  That she talks to me every day, always checking up on me.

40.  How big of a heart she has.

41.  How Pooh is always trying to beat me out as top guy =P

42.  How much fun our dates are.

43.  How much she’s changed me for the better.

44.  That she never expects/demands perfection out of me.

45.  That I never have to question how much this relationship means to her.

46.  How this relationship is very easygoing/serious all at the same time (as seen by this list)

47.  The amount of memories we already have together.

48.  That she wants this long distance relationship to work despite how difficult it can be.

49.  That she always plans for the future and would love to include me in it.

50.  That she taught me what real love is.

51.  That we found each other and have grown so close.



Boy, I hear you in my dreams. I feel your whisper across the sea. I keep you with me in my heart. You make it easier when life gets hard. Lucky I’m in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I have been. Lucky to be coming home again.

They don’t know how…


The Best Girlfriend a Guy Could Ask for…

Some songs just speak to you.


I’m just glad I made it this far in my life. Its been a crazy way of getting here and you’d never think that two people would just meet and bond and make it this far. So much of modern day society is about moving on to the next big thing and always shooting for bigger. Its a wonder that anything lasts over time especially a relationship. Although nothing is perfect, I know I’m far from perfect, I still think that there are exceptions out there that defy the expectations of everyone. 

I try to make myself the perfect boyfriend/person… but in actuality no one is. I’m just lucky to have a girlfriend that understands me and doesn’t mind taking over for the times I fall short. They say behind every great man is a strong woman, but even if that wasn’t true… I know I have a strong girl behind me. 

Its weird that we met in such normal circumstance, but have grown so much stronger because of it. I’m not going to pretend to know what’s going through her head because I really don’t know. All I know is I don’t want to feel like I’ve lost her. 

She’s the best thing to ever happen to me no matter what, I’ll take what life throws at me,